Thursday, December 30, 2004

One Reason I Hate Grad School

When I started work on my dissertation in earnest (a phase that only lasted a few months), and I was visiting regularly with the head of my committee, I started noticing that she was taking notes on the ideas I was spitting out. She'd never done that before...I took it as a compliment! It was great to see her get excited about my ideas. At the same time, however, there was this one, uh...what should I call phantom chapter...that she kept on discouraging me from writing. This in my head is my First Chapter, but my whole committee is against me writing it (more on that some other time.) In any case, I was going to develop X idea in this chapter, but the Head was like, "nooo, you don't want to talk about that, nooo, just skip that chapter." Weeeeelll...I haven't written it yet. But guess what? We went to a conference last year, and X concept kept on being mentioned OVER, and OVER, and OVER. But NO ONE said the things I had to say about it! A paper on what I wanted to question about X concept in that conference would have been PERFECT! But lo and behold! That's not all! My jaw dropped when the Head gave her paper and mixed in with her research and ideas came out a VERY LARGE QUANTITY of the ideas I had been blabbering in her office that she'd been taking notes on! Did she credit me? Of course not.

So yeah, that's one reason I hate grad school and hate having to write a goddamn dissertation for them.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm in grad school too, and although i agree that it sucks, my advisor and committee are amazing. i just want my life back. and i feel like that is never going to happen.

8:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm putting together a dis proposal right now and I hate the way I'm getting jerked back and forth, back and forth...they tell you that you had better want it, but in the end you just end up doing what people want to get through. Its really kinda screwed. At times I wish I just had a 9-5 and could leave this crap behind when I get home. Unfortunately, I happen to be in a discipline that is 24/7 and that answers to the questions I originally had when I got involved in this seem trivial in comparison the realities of my life now. I agree, I want my life back and now I feel like I'm too far into it-at the point of no return. I really don't want to end up tenured and pissed at the world that I made a horrible career choice...

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My advisors are fine, supportive people. But I am tired of studying something that nobody cares about and that has no relation to the rest of the world. Nobody outside our small discipline will ever read our scholarship. We don't find or generate any potentially useful information, only endlessly interpret things. Undergraduate students can have no conceivable use for the writings. There will be no "trickle-down" effect. I guess we can only be writing for the gods. That is no help to me because I am an atheist. I am writing a proposal and I am already frustrated with the topic because my ideas are crap.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous Tamika C. Garcia said...

Well, committees are there to help out and make the whole dissertation process easier. But, you still have to stand up for some of your idea that you think would really help your paper. Anyway, I do hope that their advice on your dissertation help it a lot.

3:03 AM  
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