Friday, December 31, 2004

Windows and Documents Everywhere but Not a Drop to Drink

I don't know if my computer sucks the moisture out of me or I just get so engrossed that I forget to drink water, but I end up really dehydrated when working at it--which then gives me a headache and cuts down on my productivity (uh...not that there was much of it to begin with). I try to combat this by sipping water constantly. It makes for a nice thinking break too. Powerade used to have these awesome bottles that I collected a bunch of that have a little diaphragm thingamajig in the lid that you suck the water through. It was an awesome design, because you could hold the bottle upside down when it was uncapped, and it wouldn't spill. I was very sad when they changed their packaging. I hoarded as many as I could before they completely disappeared. In any case, if you ever see that kind of bottle, grab it! They make for great computer beverages: no danger to your keyboard, papers, or books!


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