Monday, January 03, 2005

Dissertation Boot Camp

I've always thought that if grad students (at least in their majority) weren't so broke, it would be a great business idea to have a dissertation boot camp. I often daydream of such a place: Someone standing behind me in professorial garb yelling, "Write, you sissy! Give me twenty sentences, now!" and me obediently answering, "Prof, yes, Prof!" and typing away.
OK, so maybe I don't respond to that kind of motivation well, but having someone else enforce some kind of structure on my life and not allowing me to procrastinate sounds like, well...if not dissertation heaven, then certainly dissertation purgatory.
Turns out there is such a thing: Scholars' Retreat. Thing is, it costs $1500. Hmm...what if I take a leave of absence and use my grad school fees to pay for something like this? Or maybe a bunch of us ABDs could get together in some kind of dissertation-writing commune. *sigh*


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