Monday, January 03, 2005

Tips from

Here are a few tips I got from the site PhinisheD, which is a really nice resource for those of us struggling with our dissertations. Thanks to Francesca for introducing me to the site.

1. "40-minute method": Work for 40 minutes and then take a 20 minute break. Repeat as much as desired.
Research suggests that any method loses effectiveness over time, so the trick is to rotate systems.
2. "Thesis binder": a work in progress version of one's thesis. Basically, you put in research drafts, notes, stream of consciousness writing, chapter drafts, etc. into a three ring binder. It organizes your work while lifting your spirits as you see it grow.
3. "Dissertation log": keep track of all the hours you spent working, and what activities you were doing.
4. "Word counting": log the time and your current word count. The idea is that you feel good when you see it adding up.


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