Monday, June 20, 2005

Holy Mother of Muses!

I can't believe it! I disappear for a couple of months and Francesca FINISHES?? WOW! Congratulations!!!!!!! Do you feel relieved? Are you happy as hell? When do you defend or have you done that already?

BTW, I disagree about leaving the attack dog section out unless it's too bitchy. I think pointing out biases in scholarship is very constructive and that sort of analysis is what makes a dissertation good. The important part is the way you go about it. I DO get tired of academics dumping on one another to raise themselves above the rest. It can get pretty ridiculous and it's hard not to get caught up in. But there's also such a thing as keeping people on their toes, making them question their assumptions. If the service is to the field and not the ego, then it's all good!

So what are your plans now? Job market? Extensive spa vacation with fruity tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them and foot rubs?


Blogger Francesca said...

Hee hee.

Actually, I'm now in the extremely tedious part of the process--making sure the document adheres to style guidelines, getting all the bibliography in perfect condition, writing the preface, and the most heinous of all: getting my illustrations together. I have almost 200 and it's incredibly painful to re-scan images, find ones I thought I had scanned (I have to take my scanner to the library, argh), and to keep them all in a perfect list.

My defense won't be until September. I just assembled my committee: 3 profs from my uni and in 2 different departments, one prof from Harvard (yipe!), and museum curator whose work is sort of like mine. I hope that my defense turns out to be like my oral exams: they can only schedule it for 90 minutes because of everyone's personal schedules!

I will apply for jobs this year. I had last year, but since I didn't have the diss. done, I'm sure my letters went right into the 'round file' (trash can).

I can only teach one course this entire year because of budget cuts at the school where I teach. Thanks, Governor Schwarzenegger! So it looks like another lean year financially. But hopefully something better will come along for next year.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Porkorama said...

Cherish this phase! Cherish every tedious second of it! You're about to cross that fence to the greener side. I congratulate you again.

1:41 PM  
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