Monday, June 20, 2005

Holy Mother of Muses!

I can't believe it! I disappear for a couple of months and Francesca FINISHES?? WOW! Congratulations!!!!!!! Do you feel relieved? Are you happy as hell? When do you defend or have you done that already?

BTW, I disagree about leaving the attack dog section out unless it's too bitchy. I think pointing out biases in scholarship is very constructive and that sort of analysis is what makes a dissertation good. The important part is the way you go about it. I DO get tired of academics dumping on one another to raise themselves above the rest. It can get pretty ridiculous and it's hard not to get caught up in. But there's also such a thing as keeping people on their toes, making them question their assumptions. If the service is to the field and not the ego, then it's all good!

So what are your plans now? Job market? Extensive spa vacation with fruity tropical drinks with little umbrellas in them and foot rubs?